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You will face a lot of difficulties in keeping your kinky hair dry and clean. It can take you a time before you discover the best routines. When you compare kinky hair to straight hair, curly type is drier. Oiling it becomes very challenging. In this case the scalp will also be dry. Some products need to be avoided to avoid causing more problems. The use of pre shampoos help a great deal. You apply it on the head before washing.

They protect the scalp. Remember that curly hair is not washed everyday because of its difficulty in drying. In most cases people will only wash it like four times a week. You might skip washing it when you are protecting the hairstyle. The pre shampoo will help your skin to be moisturized and prevent itchiness and dandruffs. It should be left on the head for about an hour. Oil is crucial for healthy hair. Hair damage can happen in any season. Salons can be quite costly. Some of the saloonists will not even deliver what you want. This can be painful more so when they decide what they think is best for your hair. Your money and time will be wasted.

The best way to avoid dryness on your head is by using essential oils. Sprays can also be applied daily but the problem is that they will cost you a lot of money when use them daily. When you use essential oil, your hair will grow faster and moisturized too. Oil keeps off stress from your hair. In most cases hair damage is caused by stress. In some cases you can apply the oil alone while in other occasions mixing it with other hair oils is advisable. The mixture is then applied on the hair and left to soak. When ten minutes are over, clean it. This needs to be done many times each week for better results.

The best way to understand the best tips to care for your hair is by understanding the type of hair you have. Oily hair is cared for differently from dry hair. Greasy hair can also cause discomfort. It will look like dirt has accumulated on it. It can be perceived to be unkempt even when it is not. You should consider applying lemon juice and aloe Vera to fix it. Some people would like to maintain a frizzy hair while others will straighten it. There are natural ways of doing this.Products like milk and honey can be applied on the hair to straighten it. Straightening hair by use of heat might seem simple but they cause hair damage over time.

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